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Celebrating Exceptional Performance During Customer Service Week

Activities for Customer Service Week 2020are in top gear across the globe and as isthe norm, all the events run during the first week of October. Institutions use the opportunity to celebrate their clients as well as to provide a ready platform where clients freely voice their appreciation and concerns directly to the organisation’s management. This is the importance of CSW.

Small and large companies use the window of celebration to introduce any new ideas in the hope that these would encourage enquiries into product concepts that could eventually lead to their trial.  As a financial service provider, however, I have to underscore the important role that customer service plays: this is one-way companies can clearly differentiate themselves in and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recovery of our economy is hinged on the quality of service we provide to each other and for our customers. CentSavvy is committed to playing its role in the multi- generational workforce by providing affordable financial and investment services

It’s a great feeling when a client makes you and your company’s products and services a part  of their daily life. But how do we achieve more? What can we do to even give us an edge over other players in the market? That’s the question everyone is seeking to answer to. You are what your clients say and not what you view yourself to be.

We note that people who put more effort into satisfying customer needs do get more referrals to their businesses and that’s the result of good customer relations. Your internal customers, your employees, can either make or break your business philosophies and values. When customers walk into your business for example, they want to meet a jovial and smiley receptionist. Imagine walking into a medical facility then you encounter a rough, gloomy fellow at the desk who mishandles you! Chances of you surviving down the road could end up being remote or by God’s grace (literally speaking)!

As we mark the Customer Service Week 2020, CentSavy Family challenges you to be a reason as to why people want to come back to your premises. If you inspire your people to do more, then they’ll be inspired to work better and meet your set business goals. As the employee, your work is not to sell products: it is to sell the essence of the organisation so that it can become the most reputable and trustworthy entity all around.  

Every business must recognize the invaluable contributions of their employee customers. Motivate them, give them a chance to air their views and let every opinion count as that would mean you are open to and value personal space. In our earlier post, we attributed failure and success of an institution to internal structures of an institution and that’s what is summed up in acknowledging the Customer Service Week.

We call on all sectors of the economy: public and private sector entities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and entrepreneurs to recognize and award individuals that provide exceptional service to clients regardless of race, tribe, gender, and social standing. This would then epitomize the ethos not just during this week, but always that service above self is a universal truth your business believes in.

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