Master your Destiny by Turning Failure to Success

Have you ever wondered why your age mates flourish while you and your friends remain unchanged for decades? I don’t mean physical growth, but socially and economically there are noticeable differences between you and people you share a lot with. Watching your peers drive big cars, settle in marriages, and establish businesses while you wallow in abject poverty can really be tormenting and sucking. We have lost friends to depression or any other lifestyle-related issue to self-inflicted pain, but many of us seem not to draw lessons from mistakes committed by others.

Many people seem busy in life but there’s nothing to show for what they do. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, we can fix your situation. For the last 10 years, Centsavvy Group has invested in the lives of many Kenyans and regionally – helping startups find footing in the money markets. It has simplified stockbroking and made what used to be hard easy and accessible to everyone. You can now dictate your income by choosing to invest and trade in shares on any counter by investing your money with a trusted financial partner – CentSavvy Investments, an agency of Standard Bank Group Securities – {SBG Securities}.

Today, we live in hard and unprecedented economic times; marred with unforeseen challenges resulting from Corona Virus pandemic, joblessness, floods, locusts’ invasion among other factors. It might be true that you are limited financially and that for now, you can only afford food, paying rent and buying face masks to keep your family at bay from the devastating effects of infectious flu. But You need to ask yourself a simple question. Are your habits party to your failure or success? Once you get the answer, you’ll either have a reason to stop what you are doing, improve on it if its beneficial or rethink your destiny altogether.

If you have to cut a coat, then do it according to your size. Spending lavishly, frequent parties, and alcoholism are just a few of the key indicators that you are inviting poverty to your life. A young man in the 20’s and early ’30s should be thinking of how to grow the little income he has on his name rather than lavishing with reckless abandon. You also lose it when you choose to entertain many love relationships. The bottom line is, it’s expensive to maintain multiple partners. Get one and grow old together. It will save you several bucks.

As of 2019, Kenya’s unemployment rate stood at over 40 percent and the majority in this category are youth. A productive group that can easily add value to the economy if it makes the right decisions.

Kenya just like many African countries still grapples with a lot of challenges and therefore the future of the country is in the hands of individuals who can rediscover their potential and make good use of it. Invest in your talents and remember it’s not too little or too late to make a difference.

You have a duty to reignite your dream by making the right financial decisions. Make an effort to join investment forums and create networks. Your network defines your worth. The job market is already congested and therefore employers want more than your qualification. Find something beneficial and fulfilling that can turn around your fortunes and make use of it. You can always find guidance on stock markets with CentSavvy Investments. We can always turn you from zero to hero and increase your net worth.

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